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Book, video and all bonus videos: $40.00

Before and Afters


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I myself have purchased e-instructions for these types of my bows, actually over $75 and they were never quite simple. I try to break it down as simple as possible for you all!

I have been making bows for 3 years and I found this is the perfect method for me.....and like I say it is EASY PEASE!! LOL!


I appreciate all FEEDBACK!!

NOW INCLUDES BASIC MEASUREMENTS FOR 5/8 ribbon and 1.5" ribbon!


Purchasing with Video:

The video includes Step By Step instructions. You will get to see yours truly make a boutique bow in easy steps. I also teach you how to make a Lil Hiccups OTT bow with Marabou.

The video is ONLY available for purchase with the BOOK!



Crystal Miller said:

Just wanted to say that I got your ebook exactly 24 minutes ago and after having spent hours watching free tutorials and spending money on other bow books and tuts, I just did my first completely correct twisted boutique just by reading through your instructions once.  It used to take me hours to do one twisted boutique to even look decent enough to use, let alone to look as good as the one I just did following your instructions.  You have saved me hours of frustration and increased my production time by, oh I can't even say how much.  I don't even know how to thank you!  But, thank you thank you...  

mamissa5 said:

"I bought tut!! Its awsome! I am making bows that i have been trying to make. Althogh lol i never flipped my bow over lol I just never figured that out!! Thanks"


Cristin313 said:

"Not only was the Tut VERY VERY helpful and easy to understand! But I couldn't get the bow right! Emailed her a pic and we had it figured out and fixed within 10 min! She is great! Here are my Before and After pics! LOVE THE NEW BOWS!"


RedSoxGal said:

"OMG !! Daisy, you should of done this LOOOONG ago !! Would of saved me lots of money.lol I love this tutorial

Thanks for offering this."

Purchase w/Video:

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